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Frequently Asked Questions

Mole Scram Mole Repellant gets rid of moles

Q -- How Does Mole Scram Work?

Mole Scram granular mole repellant works three ways:

1. It coats worms – moles’ main food –
with castor oil, which disrupts the moles’ digestive system and drives them to new feeding areas.

2. It also makes mole habitats – feeding tunnels and surrounding soil – smell bad.

3. Finally, it repels insects – another mole food source – from the surface of the mole habitat.

Mole Scram Mole Repellent 10-pound bag covers up to 7,500 square feet

Mole Scram's
10-pound bag covers
up to 7,500 sq. ft.

Q -- What is Mole Scram made of?

Mole Scram is made entirely from natural, organic ingredients. The active ingredients are castor oil, citronella oils and garlic oil. These natural oils are carried in ground peanut hulls, which biodegrade into natural organic mulch.

Mole Scram's Industry-Leading 100% Money-Back Guarantee

Mole Scram
Mole Repellent ...
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Q -- What makes Mole Scram
       the best mole repellent?

Many mole repellants use only castor oil, either sprayed or within a processed clay carrier. Moles must learn to associate these repellants with their feeding range, which can take up to two weeks. Mole Scram, with its disagreeable smell from garlic oil and citronella, works very quickly. Mole activity reduction usually within 24 hours. Also, Mole Scram’s organic carrier, consisting of peanut hulls, is able to absorb and carry natural

repelling oils. No spraying is required with Mole Scram. Finally, Mole Scram mole repellant works three ways rather than in just one way. Mole Scram mole repellent drives away moles with bad taste, bad smell and less food.

Q -- How can I tell if I have a mole problem?

Mole problems can be identified by raised tunnels and entrance mounds visible with your lawn or garden.  These tunnels should not be confused with vole tunnels, which are narrower tunnels created above ground through lawn thatch. See "What You Should Know About Mole Habits" to learn more about the behavior of moles.

Q -- Will Mole Scram harm my lawn?

Mole Scram’s natural ingredients are perfectly suited for use on your lawn and will not discolor or damage your beautiful grass.

Mole Scram mole repellent is certified safe for use around people and petsQ -- Is Mole Scram safe to use near
      children and pets?

The essential oils used in Mole Scram mole repellent, along with its organic carrier, are all natural and safe materials derived from plants. Mole Scram will not harm children or pets, and Mole Scram does not kill moles. It simply repels moles from your lawn – Guaranteed!

Q -- Can I use a spreader to apply Mole Scram to my yard?

Yes! Mole Scram may be conveniently applied over large lawn areas with a spreader. Please see Mole Scram Application Methods for selected spreader settings.

Q -- When and How Often Should I Apply Mole Scram
       Mole Repellant?

Mole Scram mole repellant should be applied in early spring at the end of freezing weather when soil becomes moist and surface worm activity begins. During drier summer weather, moles are usually active deeper under the surface soil. Mole Scram should be applied again in fall, when soil moisture increases again. Mole Scram can also be applied at any time when dampness encourages worms to feed near the surface, or when tunneling activity is observed. Mole Scram is a great preventative repellant when used before seasonal mole activity has begun.


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Yes! Check out our award winning cat repellent and dog repellent.

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Mole Scram's convenient
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Mole Scram Works!

"I have had mole hills on my lawn for 5 years. I have tried many methods to eliminate this problem and nothing worked.  This winter I would wake up each morning to a fresh mound, even the rain did not slow them down.  In early February I applied Mole Scram and mole activity was stopped immediately!  The product was simple to use and the directions were easy to follow.  It’s now the end of March - No moles and the lawn looks FANTASTIC!! I intend to continue to use Mole Scram twice a year and have recommended the product to my friends and family."

– Jon Redd of Poulsbo, WA


Mole Control Library

What You Should Know
About Moles

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What You Think You Know
About Moles

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What You Should Know
About Mole Habits

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What You Should Know
About Mole Species

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Frequently Asked Questions
What You Should Know
About Mole Scram

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